Excel diary/planner page generator

Print diary/planner pages from Excel, two months per page

I built this Excel spreadsheet at a time when I found it useful to have a printed planner. The output went into a ring binder so I had a perpetual diary. It is set up for A4 but is easily massaged to fit other paper sizes.

These grabs of the print preview don't show the true quality. It looks much cleaner on paper.

Image showing part of a sample planner page

Image showing a full sample planner page

Instructions are contained in the workbook but there's nothing to it: enter the year at the head of the first column, and the first month number in cell B3. This cell is formatted white-on-white so the number is invisible. The page will automatically update when the year or month are changed.


Version 2.1, November 2014

Compatibility Most Excel versions

Description / note Diary page maker spreadsheet

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