Retirement Edition

Professional freelance software development

I retired in February 2023 and do not undertake new work.

My old email address is still active if you need help with something I did for you.

@random - my personal web site

That's retired too. It contained articles and files written during a career in computer journalism (1986-2003). The material was no longer of interest to me but a few things remained popular. I kept it alive for that reason.

I now want a clean break from past iterations of my working self. My server has been decommissioned and this residual page parked at my new email service provider. 

Popular files will be here for a while (see bottom of page) but eventually vanish. There is no support, hence no contact details.

Feel free to publicly host anything you think should live on. You do not need further permission. Each package contains a notice stating that I relinquish  copyright. Do as you wish.

Downloads are provided as .zip archives.

SetRes and Dial contain executable programs and may cause your browser to display a security notice. Ignore it on this occasion but heed such warnings when they occur unexpectedly elsewhere.

Do not work with files opened from inside an archive manager. Un-zip the full package first.


Ian Sharpe

Random tiling

Produce non-clumping random patterns with this Excel workbook



Set Windows display resolution  from a command line, shortcut or script



Dial a phone number from a Windows command line, shortcut or script


Lottery numbers 

Generate sets of random lottery entries with this Excel workbook